Outdoor Adventure on Kauai

Published on April 17, 2024


Kauai’s nickname is the Garden Isle. The island’s lush landscape full of rivers, fern groves, dramatic canyons, the iconic Napali Coast, and countless waterfalls is a playground or “garden” for the outdoor enthusiast. Treat your senses to beautiful sites and tropical smells as you explore all that Kauai has to offer. Below we have assembled a short list of just some of the exciting adventures you can add to your Kauai travel itinerary.

Hike through Waimea Canyon

Fondly referred to as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, Waimea Canyon is located in the western region of Kauai. The scenic treasure will take your breath away with its size and geological footprint. Numerous lookout points offer different perspectives of the canyon, and a network of hiking trails allows you to immerse yourself deeper into the canyon.

Innertube Adventure

One of the most popular and truly unique adventures on Kauai involves floating down ancient irrigation ditches in inflatable innertubes. Float through 2.5 miles of canals and five tunnels with friends and family at your side. The slow float allows you to enjoy the raw Kauai landscape that surrounds you along the way.

Snorkel Colorful Reefs

Because Kauai is one of the older Hawaii Islands, the reefs have had much longer to develop. There are ideal snorkeling spots located all around the island. As you drive to different areas of the island to explore (the North Shore, Poipu, Coconut Coast, etc.) you may want to research

Paddleboard or Kayak up a River

The Wailua River is the largest and longest river in the state of Hawaii, stretching 20 miles. Rent a standup paddle board or kayak and explore different sections of the river. There are also tour companies that provide guided trips up and down the river. If you start to work up a sweat, simply jump in the water to cool off!

Visit a Botanical Garden

Carve out some time to walk through any of the botanical gardens and arboretums scattered across Kauai. Each one will differ based on the time of year you visit, as different flowers and fruits are in season. Some gardens feature guided tours, sculptures, water features, decoratively pruned trees, orchid collections, and even meditation zones.

Fish for Peacock Bass

When staying at the Lodge at Kukui’ula, guests enjoy private access to our lake, which is stocked with peacock bass. Fish from the dock or head out in a rowboat to attempt to land this prized sportfish that is only found in one other state. We have fishing rods on the property that we can lend out to guests.

Tour the Napali Coast

Spanning 17 oceanfront miles, the Napali Coast features stunning, razor-sharp ridges, bountiful valleys, white sand beaches, dramatic waterfalls, natural rock arches, and ocean tunnels. This remarkable stretch of coastline is best seen by boat or helicopter tour. Be sure to pack your camera for this interaction with Mother Nature!