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These Beautiful Hotel Bathtubs Are Proof You Should Switch Up Your Shower Routine on Vacation

As seen on Travel + Leisure

As if we need a reminder of the delights of a warm bubble bath, National Bubble Bath Day is celebrated on Jan. 8. Well, perhaps a reminder might be in order as we rush through a shower instead of taking the time to luxuriate in a frothy tub. So, thank you, National Bubble Bath Day!

To be honest, it does look as if showers are taking over as the daily cleansing routine for most of us. Hotels are recognizing this with ever larger shower stalls, huge rain shower heads, and hand-held sprayers. They’re great, but when it comes to relaxing and pampering ourselves, there’s nothing like a warm bubble bath.

There are health benefits too, like soothing tired muscles, de-stressing, and enhancing sleep. It has even been suggested that warm baths boost immunity, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, and increase circulation. For most of us, the motivation for a bubble bath is just the sheer pleasure and perhaps nostalgia of warm, scented water and rainbow-tinged bubbles.

Not all hotel rooms have gone the way of showers-only bathrooms. We have gathered a few examples of places to stay where a bath is an experience to be anticipated along with the other pleasures of a night away from home.

The Lodge at Kukui’ula, Kauai, Hawaii

These luxury vacation homes with indoor-outdoor lanais offer breathtaking views and outdoor garden showers as well as huge tubs for luxurious bubble baths for a relaxing ending to a day of tennis, golf, or water sports at the resort.