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Surfing Intensive

Ride the perfect wave with the Surfing Intensive in Kaua'i, which provides you with an experiential, immersive journey into this iconic Hawaiian sport. By the end of the three-day Intensive, you will have the skills and confidence to paddle into a wave on your own during a full-fledged surf session.

Led by expert surfers selected from the Huaka’i Outfitters team, this Intensive uses land- and water-based lessons to give you a strong foundation, including knowledge about different surfboard types, how to wax and carry a board, and how to pick an optimal surf spot based on swell and wind direction and wave height. The Intensive also covers paddling techniques and essential surfing techniques, such as how to pop up and how to control the surfboard in the lineup.

The lessons of the Intensive also cover complementary subjects, including surfing-specific ocean safety and open-water swimming. In addition, to help you with your physical recovery, the Intensive offers a Spa Wet Ritual at the end of each daily session at Hi’ilani Spa, The Lodge at Kukui’ula’s extensive on-site wellness complex. 

The Surfing Intensive can also be booked on demand for any other dates at the below standard pricing plus tax.

  • Groups of 3-4:  $1,440/person
  • Groups of 2:  $1,550/person
  • 1 Person:  $3,100

For more information on the Intensive, please contact our concierge at 808-742-8000  or

female surfer rides a small wave on the ocean
“There is just something so empowering about paddling into a wave, standing up, and riding that wave as far as you can go. It is quite symbolic to the journey of life itself. I absolutely love surfing as it provides a fun way to enjoy the therapeutic attributes of the ocean. Surfing is physically demanding, mentally stimulating, socially enjoyable, and creatively expressive. Teaching others how to surf and witnessing their stoke of riding a wave for the first time is a feeling like no other.” -Mariko Strickland Lum

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