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Beginner's Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Intensive

The first day of the SUP Intensive will focus on choosing the right equipment, getting up on the board, and learning to read the ocean. With the guidance of our Huakaʻi Outfitters, you’ll progress to launching and landing, and basic and advanced paddling techniques, culminating in an open-ocean paddle appropriate to your comfort and skill level.

Led by one of our expert Huakaʻi Outfitters, this three-day intensive will familiarize you with different types of boards and paddles, as well as techniques such as launching, landing, and turning. It will also teach you how to safely handle your equipment, enter and exit the water, and be able to and and paddle – all with confidence. Athletic recovery methods, both physical and nutritional, and cross-training and fitness tips what will enable you to bring your SUP skills to the next level will also be taught.

The lessons of the Intensive also cover complementary subjects, including ocean safety, open-water swimming, and core workouts. In addition, to help your physical recovery, the Intensive offers a Spa Wet Ritual at the end of each daily session at Hiʻilani Spa, The Lodge at Kukuiʻula’s extensive on-site wellness complex.

The Stand-Up Paddleboarding Intensive can be booked on demand at the below standard pricing plus tax.

  • Groups of 3-4:  $1,440/person
  • Groups of 2:  $1,550/person
  • 1 Person:  $3,100

For more information on the Intensive, please contact our concierge at 808-742-8000  or


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“Born and raised on Kaua’i I have been very fortunate to grow up enjoying the ocean, learning various water skills from the best watermen and women in the world. From the first time I tried SUP, I fell in love with it! The sport can be enjoyed as a leisure activity, a form of exploration, surfing, competitive racing, and even a lifelong source of exercise. Perhaps my favorite thing about the sport is that it allows you to explore remote areas via bodies of water that you normally would not be able to access. Incorporating SUP into my life has provided me with so many unique experiences, including meeting new friends as well as exploring absolutely stunning places all around the world. I love teaching others SUP because I get to be part of providing someone with an inspiring ocean experience.” -Mariko Strickland Lum
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