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Sailing Canoe Intensive

Aspiring sailors and adventurers: Welcome to our Canoe Sailing Intensive.

This comprehensive three-day clinic is an immersive, hands-on experience designed to equip you with the skills and know-how to become an expert.

The Sailing Canoe Intensive in Kaua'i offers you an incredible chance to get in on the action as a full-fledged canoe crew member. Led by Jason Dameron, a member of the Huaka’i Outfitters team and the steersman and captain of the champion Team Olukai sailing canoe, this Intensive offers more than just a casual sailing experience.

Beginning during the first morning session at Kukui’ula Harbor, you will learn the basics of sailing canoes, from an overview of the parts of the canoe to the techniques of outrigger paddling. Using a blend of tutorials and teamwork, by the afternoon session on day three, you will be ready to serve as a crew member under the leadership of an experienced captain—and you will be well equipped to further your expertise with an additional sailing canoe course or program.

Interspersed with the lessons of the Intensive are a range of other subjects, including cross-training and ocean safety. In addition, to help you with your physical recovery, the Intensive offers a Spa Wet Ritual at the end of each daily session at Hi’ilani Spa, The Lodge at Kukui’ula’s extensive on-site wellness complex.

The Sailing Canoe Intensive can be booked on demand at the below standard pricing plus tax.

  • Groups of 3-4:  $1,440/person
  • Groups of 2:  $1,550/person
  • 1 Person:  $3,100

For more information on the Intensive, please contact our concierge at 808-742-8000  or

“I love sailing because it’s so multidimensional. You can do it for fun, for sport, to explore, to share, and there’s something to learn every time you go out. It requires a good amount of physical ability, mental fortitude, and skill. Sailing continues to challenge me, help me grow as a person and give back to my community in a way that I feel relevant, valuable, and meaningful.” -Jason Dameron

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