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Outrigger Canoe Paddling Intensive

Discover the thrill of propelling a wa’a through the water with the Outrigger Canoe Paddling Intensive in Kaua'i, a three-day immersive clinic that combines land- and water-based training to prepare you to become a valued crew member of a one-person (OC1), two-person (OC2), or six-person (OC6) outrigger canoe.

Led by Keone Miyake, a professional outrigger canoe instructor and coach, and Mariko Strickland Lum, a professional stand-up paddleboarder and adventure leader, this Intensive will give you a strong foundation in outrigger canoe paddling, including information about different canoe types, how to carry and rig a canoe, and how to paddle in group formation in a six-person canoe. One session will even include a videotaping component to allow the instructors to analyze your paddle stroke and rhythm.

The lessons of the Intensive also cover complementary subjects, including canoe paddling-specific ocean safety and open-water swimming. In addition, to help you with your physical recovery, the Intensive offers a Spa Wet Ritual at the end of each daily session at Hi’ilani Spa, The Lodge at Kukui’ula’s extensive on-site wellness complex.

  • Inaugural Dates: June, 2019 (specific dates coming soon)
  • Inaugural Pricing:  $1,200/person + tax

The Outrigger Canoe Paddling Intensive can also be booked on demand for any other dates at the below standard pricing plus tax.

  • Groups of 3-4:  $1,440/person
  • Groups of 2:  $1,550/person
  • 1 Person:  $3,100

For more information on the Intensive, please contact our concierge at 808-742-8000  or

South Shore Kauai Poipu
“I was born on Kaua’i and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area when I was 13 years old, where I found outrigger canoe paddling and hula. Outrigger canoe paddling and hula kept us transplants connected to our islands and our culture. It was like our extended ohana. It helped us young local kids stay out of trouble and off the streets. I learned how to work with others with one shared goal: to make this wa’a move as fast as we could. One stroke, one mind, one soul. Paddling has given me so much, including my wife, whom I met through the sport. I owe canoe paddling so much and have dedicated my life to this sport and the culture. Teaching it to others makes me feel like I am paying it forward.” -Keone Miyaki

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