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NEW - Crossbow Hunting Intensive

Inaugural Dates: October 2019

Good hunters know that being successful at your craft is much more than just taking down your target.

Led by expert hunter, DJ Cramer, this three-day Crossbow Hunting Intensive will teach participants how to use a crossbow and gain firsthand experience in proper pig hunting etiquette, safety and hunting strategies, as well as learn how to clean, process, and cook the game sustainably. Hunting and training will take place around The Farm where pigs are abundant and the odds are in your favor.

From day one you'll be picking up a bow for target practice and learning the ins and outs of proper crossbow hunting. On day two you'll rise and shine and commence the hunt. By day three you'll be reaping the rewards of your keen marksmanship and will receive hands-on experience with cleaning, processing and cooking your catch. 

For more information on the Intensive, please contact our concierge at 808-742-8000  or


To kick off the inauguration of this new amazing intensive, we're offering this limited time special rate:

  • $1,200 + tax per person

For later dates, the Crossbow Hunting Intensive can be booked on demand at the below standard pricing plus tax:

  • Groups of 3-4:  $1,440/person
  • Groups of 2:  $1,550/person
  • 1 Person:  $3,100


This intensive is limited to participants 18 or older. Daily programming is subject to change based on weather and the progression of the participants’ skill level.

On property 10 acre organic farm
Huaka’i guide DJ Cramer has been hunting on the trails of Kaua’i for as long as he can remember. He started off as a “packboy” with his Dad and Uncles; over the years he has developed into an accomplished hunter and is now teaching other young boys how to hunt. Dj’s favorite animals to hunt is deer and pig. Aside from the enjoyment of eating his catch, DJ finds satisfaction in contributing to the eradication of invasive species, as well as participating in sustainable harvesting. Hunting may have started off as a hobby for DJ, but it has become a way of life to provide for his family.
Huaka'i Guide DJ Cramer

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10-acre wonderland

The Farm

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